It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city [An Nguyen]


There are benefits and drawbacks for children to grow up in the countryside or in a city. It’s hard to say which better is. It is obvious that living in a city is more convenient and has more opportinites to develop kid’s ability. Thus, from my point of view, I do not agree with the statement: “It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city.”

First of all, living in a big city brings a child modern and effective convenience. To make it clearer, health care system is the most essential condition for all kids. It is the fact that hospital quality in city is always better than in countryside. Moreover, with the advantages of transportation, parents can not only take their child to infirmary in emergency but also find the best way to cure kids’ diseases.

The second plus point is that the entertainment in urban center is more interesting and multiform for improving kid’s creativity. They can join music shows, painting clubs or even outside activities with the same fresh air in rural area. In order to do this, parents just need to take them to the parks or suburbs on vacation instead of living in the countryside all of the time.

Last but not least, kids who live in a city have more choices to choose which school they will enter. Such as, international, art or mathematical school which countryside condition can not give them. In addition, it is certainly that city always have numerous universities with high qualities and major career opportunities. Furthermore, they can get scholarship to study aboard which lead them to be a great people in life.

In conclusion, I believe that it is better for bringing up our children in a city not only because it can provide them best health care and education systems, but also because our kids can have a chance to develop many hobbies with the abundant entertainment here and broaden their horizon.






broaden their horizon


I do not use any special structure here. However, there are some terms I want to share with you which can help our essay fluent, just in case.

–          It is obvious/ certainly/the fact that+ clause

–          It’s hard to say which better is<<<<< usually, I use “which is better

–          In order to do that, +clause

–          From my point of view,

–          There are benefits and drawbacks of…


This is a website that I found during my writing. It help me to search the synonyms of word. Cuz, in IELTs writing, you can get more scores if you use as more synonyms as possible. Of couse , your task will be marked as a poor one if you just re-use the vocab from the given topic. Hope it is useful for you.

5/ TIME: nearly 90 mins ( inc searching, looking for dic and materials)

6/ NEXT-TIME TARGET: Time is less( 60 mins inc all above). More paying attention to what searching (_ _”)


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